Just the bath, ma'am.

I've been thinking about finally finishing my tiny bathroom. Like, tiling the shower/bath area and getting a new, deeper tub. And a new window. In the pic below, you can see the old plastic surround and the ancient jalousie window. Both are still there and wreaking havoc on the bathroom in everyway an inanimate object can.
I went in search of some inspiration, which is difficult. Because to regular human sized people a "small bath" is the size of my living room. But for my purposes, a small bath is 5' x 7'. And it's the only bathroom. (Unless you count the random stand alone toilet in the basement).
For reference, here is the before:
If you want to read about the transformation, click here. Otherwise, after a lot of work, we got this:
But the inside of the shower looks the same. Which is sad.

So I've been pinning my life away and here are my inspirations for my tiny bathroom:
 Marble basket weave floor! Subway tile! Simple, elegant, timeless,...yes, please!

But what if the subway tile were beveled?! Gorgeous!
And what if there were a niche above the sink for happiness and sunshine and little toothbrushes for boys?!
The only thing I'm totally stuck on is lighting. I have requested a heater/light/fan combo, but I need to bring the pretty. And no one wants to help. Which is where you come in...

Here is what I want:
Except, only one and centered above the mirror. And maybe not quite so big. Like this:
Also? I like this:

And this:
But then I went to etsy and found these:
(1, 2, 3)
All three great. But completely different. I would probably paint the top one. Most likely white. The other two I would leave as is.

So. What should I choose? They are all pretty awesome. I like the giant stork leg situations, but no one else seems to grasp my vision. Or be able to tell me I'm nuts...in a nice way with plenty of facts to back it up. Because I need the facts, in outline form, or I will not believe you. I will just think you are wrong.

So, help me online ones. You're my only hope.

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