Project Decorate: April and Joe's Bathroom


My cousin April and I have never met in person. She's my cousin by marriage and we met on Pinterest, of all places. Our mutual love of beautiful things and home improvement brought us together and now we occasionally chat on Facebook.

April also has a house full of half finished rooms and five kids. Which means she needs some inspiration and a nap immediately!

Her master bath is even less than half finished! She sent over this pic for me:
While this bathroom is in limbo, the seven of them have been using one bathroom! I have four people sharing one bathroom and...just...I don't want to talk about it...
They have the floor and shower wall tile ready to go, a gray linoleum and a pinkish hued ceramic, respectively. April asked for help picking out a paint color as well as a vanity. She asked for clean modern lines and no yellow. No. Yellow.
To help me in my quest to design the perfect bath, I looked for inspiration. April recently got back from trips Hawaii and California and while I'm not sure if it was her favorite vacation ever, I do know that the opposite of an Alaska winter would be a Hawaiian summer.

Black sand beach and blue ocean and white foam were my inspiration. But not literally, of course. Let's keep it soft. A person often times is half asleep in their bathroom. No one wants to be jolted awake by a paint color!


All three of these paint colors would work well in the space. There are no windows in the room so it can get cave like. I really liked the pale blue because it looks incredible with the dark wood on the vanity.

Here are three examples I found of dark wood, modern bath vanities:


The last one is the only one under budget, the other two are a little more. But you could add some feet to the front to make it look more custom. And swap out the door and drawer handles. Ikea has some modern handles that might be perfect:
Since the vanity has a lot of good storage, April asked for open shelving above the toilet. I found this pic for her:

 Floating, open shelving made out of pallets!

And now, for my most favorite part, the shower curtain! Now, I know I'm out there sometimes, but I really thought this would look amazing in the bathroom! And April and Joe have really great senses of humor. So go with me on this trip, wouldja?
See? It's cool right? Fun and adventurous! And light and airy! Okay, fine. Get whatever shower curtain you want. I'll be over here.
Vanity 1: $349
Vanity 2: $419
Vanity 3: $279
Handles: $6/2
Shelves: DIY
Shower Curtain: $64

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