We have a birthday party to attend today in the park. The mom had the best party idea ever. She just sent an email that said something like "Come celebrate my son's birthday! We'll be at the park around 3 pm! Come for an hour or stay all day!" And it's on a weekday, so it doesn't really infringe on other plans. Plus, three o'clock is a great time to get the wiggles out.

I made these trinket bags for the birthday boy. His mom is quite a hiker and I thought these would be perfect for collecting excellent rocks and sticks and quarters. And anything with a carabiner is awesome!

I put those grommets on by myself. In case anyone heard any furious hammering this afternoon.

The tutorial is from Amazing Mae.


Laura Wallis said...

I think I am disgusted by your ability to be creative at all hours of the day. Do you sleep? Do you ever take a nap? Is your goal to make the rest of us "holding on by the tips of our toes" moms look bad??? I feel guilt ridden that I have not the time or talent to get this done before my kids are old enough to make it themselves. I hang my head and concede. Argh, I will try again tomorrow. (You know I love you, and really am jealous of your energy and talent, right?)

Deborah Graff said...

These are awesome. I may have to commission some for my own little rock collector.

Autumnal1 said...

I want some.

(finally signed up for you...)

pandapanda said...

love the robot fabric