Super Quilt

In September I signed up for a preschool art project. September may as well have been 1993 because I barely remember signing up. But it sounded like something I would do. I spoke to Hartwell's teacher and we decided to do a quilt.

I used these two quilts and just adapted them for kid participation.

I went to Hartwell's class and brought some 6"x6" squares of muslin that I ironed on to freezer paper so the kids could color more easily. Then we used some fabric markers to color the squares.

Before I started, I drew what was in my brain:

I clipped the seams every 1/8". They said 1/4" but that didn't give me that fluffy look.

I really like this quilt a lot. I think I'll make more. It was simple and the "rag" part leaves a lot of room for mistakes. Which I make a lot of. If I've ever made anything for you, I will gladly point them out.

 DIY Day at A Soft Place to Land!


Staci said...

What a wonderful idea! I love how it turned out!

Deborah Graff said...

It turned out really, really nice. Be sure to post how much they end up auctioning it off for, or however they end up selling it.

You could definitely make quilts as baby gifts or for kids' picnics, dolls, etc.

I've seen how some people take outgrown baby clothes and turn those into a quilt--I always thought that was cute.

pandapanda said...

i like it a lot!! aren't you making one with baby clothes or something?