Surprise! A book cover!

When I was enlisted to make the class art project, Miss Shelley told me that a lot of the parents made a little photo book to go with it. So I took my camera, along with my markers and fabric squares, and proceeded to record the crap out of my project. And then my battery died.

I borrowed the school camera, but it was set on "no preview" so I was snapping away hoping I was gettin' the good stuff and occasionally scrolling through to see if I succeeded. So old fashioned!

The photos were okay, but there were not nearly as many as I would've liked.

So, photos I had. Book? Not so much. I wanted some crazy origami folded paper photo thing that was super excellent. And non-existent. I emailed muses, (that's you, Blazer), and molested the internet looking for the perfect thing.

Then, Captain Cough-ie woke me up. With my allergies, if I'm up, I sneeze. And can't get back to sleep. So I grabbed my iPod and searched for something to do for the photo book. At 2 am.

I found this tutorial at kirin notebook. Pretty amazing. A reversible note book cover. I got a book and some photo corners at Target and got busy with my cover.

Here is the quilt top:
The inside and my feet:
 The inside/reversible part:

And the back:

I did a photo of each kid holding up their artwork.Here's a photo of my guy:
I think it turned out pretty cute. I was a little worried because the tutorial is the kind where you just do what they say and then turn it right side out and see if you succeeded. Which I did!

(I don't know who put Vaseline on my camera, but they need to stop. It looks like a Moonlighting episode up in here).


pandapanda said...

it so reminds me of young women - but much more stylish

Deborah Graff said...

Your awesomeness seems to be growing exponentially.

Exponentially is hard to write. Too many vowels.