Monday, March 1, 2010

Hooks, Check 'Em Out.

I feel like my like would be a lot more organized if I just had more hooks. They are all over my house. My kitchen has hooks on the outside of the cabinets for measuring cups and bowls and colanders. It looks slightly decorative but mostly utilitarian. My bedroom has hooks on the front and back of the door. For towels and whatever. I even have an eye hook placed in my back splash to hold the cutting boards in place.

This weekend we went to Ikea to scout the counter tops. There was a bin of dog butts and my kids were trying to get inside it. I knew I had a place for them. I just don't know what they hold. Mostly it just looks cleaner. Before this rack had two pegs and holes where the other four used to be.

I also had John put some hooks on this cabinet. It sits by the front door and since we don't have an entry way, this is my poor mans version. Now I can hang my purse on the hook and keep it out of the hands of the wild monkey's that live here.
Then, while cleaning out our bedroom "armoire," I found these shabby chic hooks. I'm sure I'll find a place for them, even if it means a coat of paint. Any ideas?


Deborah Graff said...

Those look like hefty hooks. Do you have any doors that still need hooks? Is there a good backyard spot for them? (Then, if they boys were kiddie-pooling, there'd be a place to hang beach towels for instance..."

Teri said...

I like the dog behinds! Very cute. I might have to make a trip to Ikea. =)

Kelli said...

Those big hooks would be great outside! I can see them holding a water hose or hanging plants, bikes, etc

edna said...

Those are so cute!! I kind of love them!! I hope it helps you be more organized! Nothing seems to work for me lately. :(

Autumnal1 said...

I have always loved those dog butts and they in no way fit in at my house.

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