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My husband has a hard time visualizing my thoughts. I try to explain, I use hand gestures, but he wants a drawing. And not a sketch. The man wants to see some semblance of scale!

This is my kitchen. It's not to scale, (shhhhh...), but is pretty close proportion-wise. The left hand upper and lower cabinets actually sit on a perpendicular wall, but I wanted to see the wall treatment all at once.

Since I didn't want to redraw and recolor if I made a mistake, I drew the room on paper and then used tracing paper to add color. I need to go back over the room in black pen, but that could be scary.

The little grids are a suggestion of the square tiles I want on that wall. I'm trying to design a custom tile treatment that I can do myself. 12x12" mosaic square tiles are around $10/sqft. Custom? $125/sqft.

I'm too cheap for that.

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carajean said...

My husband makes me draw everything out too. As much as I hate doing it, it has turned out to be helpful on occasion. Don't tell him I said that.