The roof, the roof, the roof is missing.

So we bought a house. (Yay!) But it needs a new roof. (Boo!) But the new roof is free! (Yay!) There's no such thing as a free roof. (Whaaaaa...?)

We actually bought the house we'd been renting for the last 6 years. So no moving and no new furniture but no exciting key exchange and painting coveralls. Mostly I just noticed how dirty all the walls were. I also got to work redesigning the kitchen and bathroom so we can renovate them slowly and cheaply. With a common vision, it'll be easier for us to load up on supplies to avoid spending $2000 at once. And I can find bargain stuff. Which I love.

The downside is less sewing and more photos of what I want my house to look like. Which can be boring. Except that I'm cheap, so maybe it'll be fun to see how I'm gonna make this:

 Look like this:
Also? If you've ever been to my house, you'll notice that in order to take that photo, I had to remove the door. I can remove doors now! Whenever I want! 

It's all sinking in. Slowly. 


phoodie said...

Congratulations, Homo(wner)!! Yes, as soon as I saw that picture I thought "She took the door off the bathroom!"

Deborah Graff said...

I didn't even know that doors came off.

Maybe I could get you a pedestal sink as a housewarming gift? Hard to wrap though.

A fern it is!

pandapanda said...

did you put the door back on?