Boys don't make passes at girls who save glasses.

I'm kind of obsessed with our glasses lately. They are all recycled jars from some food product we have consumed. There's an olive jar, a tartar sauce jar and at least four jam jars. It started when we were rinsing the jam jars out to recycle. There's only one kind of jam that doesn't use high fructose corn syrup. And it happens to be packaged in a pretty jar. So we pretty much have three jars in different flavors in the fridge all the time. John noticed that it would be a good milk glass for the boys and they started filling my cabinet.

Then I started buying items in pretty jars and anticipating their emptiness. "Hartwell, don't you want jam on your potatoes?"

Trader Joe's has an organic strawberry preserves with no HFCS and no giant chunks of fruit, chunks Hartwell no likey, and I heard John say, when he saw it in the cart, "That is a nice jar."

The other amazing thing about them is that if they break, I didn't just spend $15 on a set of matching glasses. And they break, a lot.

Why don't you just use plastic for the boys?

Because it stinks! Literally. If milk sits in plastic for one day and curdles, there isn't enough mommy in the world to get the stink out. And then, you know, plastics. There is not a great future in it.

So, sort of free glassware that works in my crazy faux country kitchen.

Also? Here's a wide shot of the glass photo shoot. A pic I LOVED until I realized that Hartwell was pantsless. As usual. Don't worry, I fixed it.


Paulene said...

I keep all my jars but they get used for jam, pickles etc. I dont think my husband would like drinking out of one - but great for kids.

Deborah Graff said...

I will save jars for you. Or I will use them myself. Or I will make you a Christmas craft out of them. Maybe a jam jar mosaic codpiece.