Quick Photo Wreath Ornament!

We have another craft day coming up! This one at night with booze. So I added an ornament to my repertoire.

To make this ornament I just cut two 3" circles out of wool felt and then cut a 1-1/2" circle in the middle of one. I just used these circle templates left over from my drafting days.
I added french knots for berries in clusters of three. Odds are best! And I blanket stitched the inside of the wreath. The bow and hanger were actually done with a super startched bias tape. It's 1/4" wide and if I had ribbon like that I would've used it. (Court: add 1/4" ribbon to list!)
I found a picture of Hartwell that could be cut to 2-3/8" circle, but can be seen out of the 1-1/2" hole. The ornament is sort of like a frame with a 1/2" mat. You need it to be a little bigger than the hole so it doesn't fall out. Also, forgive me, I just copied a pic and didn't adjust the quality. I was in a hurry! This guy, from design to final knot, took 1 hour.

P.S. I had to stop myself from calling this post Wreath Witherspoon. Just so you know.

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Gina said...

Wreath Witherspoon! Ha! Why not A-Wreatha Franklin?

Rachel said...

Hi Courtney! I just love how these turned out! I linked to your project from my site here:


Hope that's okay with you! Please let me know if I can link to your projects like this in the future.

Rachel @ AllFreeHolidayCrafts

Becolorful said...

Adorable as usual. So glad to see what you've been creating. Thanks for sharing it on BeColorful this week. Now I am hoping you are writing a post about your holiday decor because I know that will be great too. Can;t wait to see it. :D