Funny Little Bunnies

Yesterday, we went on an outing to a petting zoo type place called Danny's Farm. They had mini ponies and chickens, a pig named Miss Piggy and baby bunnies! Beckett jumped right in a picked up a baby bunny and was surprisingly un-Lennie about it. Meanwhile, Hartwell, my sweetheart/loverboy, stood at the edge of the fence and cried because he was scared. Which, is a fair response. I'm not a huge fan of holding a myriad of animals. But I picked up a baby chick to prove that it's not scary. And I petted a horse and rooster to try to help him get over his fear. And I realized that it's not my favorite thing to do so why should I force him to like it?

This morning Hartwell told me, "I only like dogs."

And, based on how he treats Barkley, not very much.

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