I got carded.

My mom "ordered" a bunch of ornaments. I use ordered both ways, as an instruction from a customer to buy and a published directive from a commander. Since they were gifts, I made some little cards to display the ornaments.

Very simple design. And I actually found all the stuff in my basement:
The green paper was a little thin, so I backed it with the red swirls and polka dots. Then I glued on a triangle.
Once the tree was set, I mat knifed the very top of the tree about 1/2" down on each side. Here's a detail of the back:
I then carefully threaded the rick-rack ornament loop through the card.

Now my mom can write something on them or whatever. I thought it was much nicer than receiving a ziploc bag full of ornaments. Which I was about 5 minutes from doing when my mat knife was being messy. And it was technically free!

I need to start paying myself. But all I have is a wallet full of Chuck E. Cheese tokens. 

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Deborah Graff said...

I bet you could sell those for $12!! I'm serious.