Shady Pines, Ma.

My kitchen faces south and at about 11am, I hang this towel up to keep out the sun. We have no vents in the kitchen, so unless I point a fan in there, it's hotter than H-E-double hockey sticks.

I had plans to make a roman shade, but the thought of sewing rings and measuring and all that kept me away. I found a book at the library, Curtain Bible by Katrin Cargill, that had pretty simple explanations of curtain styles and how to make them myself. It inspired me to create and sew my own faux roman shade.

I have shade like this in the boys room. My mom made me actual working roman shades but I took the cords out, safety and all that, and now I just tuck the fabric over the rod when I want to let in light. I call them Lazy Curtains(TM).

Basically I just measured and sewed two fabrics together inside out, left an opening, turned it and got these:
I added jumbo rick-rack because, why not? And then cursed my way through the sewing process. Not one corner is the same. I resolved to only use rick rack on things with straight lines.
Then I folded the excess over and added buttons. (My window measured 14-1/2x46, I ended up cutting out 15x50 inch panels).

I love how the backing fabric shows through to the front! That was pure luck. Thanks, sunshine!
One of my favorite parts of the Lazy Curtains(TM) is that the buttons aren't matched. They're the same button, but there are six buttons in four different colors. I kept going back and forth on attaching them. But since I had to sew it together anyway, why not add some flair! 

I think they are a little twee. But, whatever.
One more pic of my Lazy Curtains(TM) tucked over themselves.

As with all my projects, it didn't turn out as perfect as I had hoped, but from a distance, they look good. 
Sorry, I had to add this photo. I cleaned off the counter and cleaned out the sink in order to take it.


Linda@Coastal Charm said...

Ooooh...these are soooo cutie this fabric!


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Jen said...

These are soooo super cute!
Great job! & the fabric is sooo pretty the colors!