Can I help you find anything?

I had been waiting patiently for my upper cabinet. It was $200 and I was waiting until I could use cash. Or change from my change jar. Luckily, at my last IKEA jaunt, I found this in the AS-IS section. Someone had purchased it, put it on legs and then returned it. And it didn't close properly. And I wanted white instead of birch. But 50% off?! How could I pass it up?
I brought it home and it took John and I about two hours of slowly disassembling each part, then reassembling it to see where the trouble was. IKEA has all of their instructions online, so we finally just looked at all the pictures and compared each and every drawing. Voila! The spring mechanism was installed in the wrong spot! We removed it and installed the mechanism correctly and it's good as new.
In this photo, you can see how it opens. Why on earth would anyone put legs on it and try to use it as a floor cabinet? As soon as you opened it, you'd have to crawl underneath the door to see anything. I'm so glad I know the IKEA catalog inside-out and upside-down. Especially the Varde series. The employees tried to tell me it comes with legs. No. No. Never. No. 

Can't wait 'til both boys are in school. I am totally working there. Come by and ask me questions. In fact, do that now.

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