Well begun is half done.

I've had my can of green paint sitting on the counter for two months. At the end, to the left of the toaster. It started becoming part of my kitchen landscape. So I finally decided to paint the hallway. If you'll remember I originally painted it yellow, but it looked too "The Facts of Life" for me. So I kept the hallway papered and went to get the spring green paint. Which is when John stepped in Barkley poop in the backyard and tracked it in onto the paper. I can't clean the paper, so I removed it and just never put any back down. And then two months later...

Below is the yellow hallway. The difference is subtle, but I think the colors are actually decades apart.
Now I need to decide about whether or not I should paint the yellow cabinets. The only thing holding me back is that I have to clean them first. And cleaning is the worst.

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Amanda said...

i love the lime green... and now you have to paint the yellow cabinet