Exposed Lath Walls or Plaster? You brought her.

Around the same time I found the above photo at houzz, my husband was working on movie that was filming at Big Red Sun in Venice, (California), and was looking at this all day:
When he came home every night to this, I think he put two and two together and figured we could just paint instead!

And maybe end up with something like this:
Although our bedroom has a flat roof, this is still pretty inspiration:
The Lettered Cottage actually tore down a wall to make a gorgeous feature wall in their dining room:
All these high ceiling make it all seem so amazing!
Another retail space with everything whitewashed. Maybe it would make my bedroom look cleaner, for once:
My only issue is the practicality of having exposed lath in a home in Southern California. We we're planning to only expose the interior walls of our bedroom, and then insulate and drywall the other two. The only information I could find on how hot/cold/drafty it would be were people saying it's gross and a palmetto bug telling me it's a good idea. Which is a nice change from him being on my channel changer.

Any thoughts on exposing and painting lathe would be lovely! Including the correct spelling!

All images available on my Bedroom Fabulousness Pinterest page.


Paula said...

I like the look, but I would be concerned about increased fire danger. Sheetrock is designed to slow down house fires...

MuseBootsi said...

Paula! You make an excellent point! I have no sheetrock in my house except the bathroom...and my house is thick stucco...something to think about, though,...I live in an area that gets CA wildfires from time to time...Thank you for commenting!!