The Lemonade Stand or When Life Hands You Lemons, Spend All Day Making Lemonade for Strangers

On Friday night, Beckett drew up a plan for a lemonade stand. It looked a little bit like something Wile E. Coyote would draw, with arrows and a checklist; it was cute. (I've asked for the drawing and he said he changed his plans, so it is lost in time, sadly). His dad LOVED the idea and took Beckett shopping and spent the morning getting supplies.

Somehow, I think, the Disney Channel is involved...

Our neighbor, Paul, the first customer:
I had not seen this pic when I uploaded them and it made me laugh out loud! I have really excellent neighbors.
An hour in, one of the boys' friends dropped by. She took charge.
And it became a dance party!

Everyone seemed pretty charmed by the boys are were more than happy to stop or smile and wave. 

Someone asked Hartwell what he would do with the money and he didn't have an answer. When I asked him, he replied, "Give it to old people." Awww, how sweet, I thought. Then, "Just kidding, the ice cream man."
Arghhh. (I think we're gonna donate some, because, that answer...)

I decided not to help with signage, so this is what you get:
Lemonade, 50 cents, no refunds, free refills.

Later I found out Hartwell did not know what a refund was. He thought people couldn't tell you they didn't like it.

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