Food I want to eat right now: Pho

Last night I was flipping through the channels and landed on an episode of the PBS show Globe Trekker. The guide was basically eating her way through Vietnam. And it made me very hungry. Until the Hmong people butchered the water buffalo and drained the blood...

But I still insisted that we all go out for pho this weekend. Because it's delicious.

Although perhaps we could try to make it? Here's a recipe from Steamy Kitchen. We have an amazing supermarket nearby that carries every delicious thing. And we are also close enough to Alhambra, where I bet we could find a Chinese grocery store! Not that Vietnam is China, but a lot of their food is influenced by Chinese cuisine. And also French Cuisine! So grab that bowl of pho and a baguette and eat like the Vietnamese do!

Here are some pretty travel pics I found online, to look at while you eat your pho.

The Sunday market in Bac Ha:
French Colonial architecture in Ho Chi Min City, aka Saigon:
No idea where this is, but I love a pretty temple:
Boats in Hue:
Seller on their way to market:
Argh! The Bahn Mi! How could I forget one of my favorite sandwiches of all time?!
If you live anywhere near Pasadena, please go to Europane and order the BBQ pork sandwich, which is their bahn mi. Delicious. Amazing. I want one right now.

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