New Rug or Can't See the Carpet for the Fleas

When the new bathroom was finished, the old hallway rug didn't work anymore. So I went and bought myself a new one. Flor* was having a sale! And I've had the old rug for seven years. Also from Flor, because those rugs stand up to a lot of punishment.

I originally bought it to put in the nursery. Remember one kid? Those were the days...Look at all the space for activities!
Eventually, when Hartwell was crawling, I bought a giant, fluffy rug and moved the rug tiles to the hallway. Which is kind of the beauty of the product. That, and it cleans up so easily. Here is a photo right after one of the boys stepped in brown paint and then walked through the house.
And here's the view from my bright lime hallway looking into the other hallway. It looks nice, but then I added the super pretty bathroom and it just looked sad...The lime hallway is still there and looks better in person.
See...? Much better. And you can also see where the cats tracked diamotaceous earth all over the house. Which is a natural way to get rid of fleas. Because we have fleas. Just like medieval royalty...

And the old one, now moved to the hallway by the back door because it is indestructible:

Housepet by Flor (Some colors have been discontinued...mine were maybe Frog and Guppie, if I had to guess)

*Nobody pays me for my opinions. If they did, maybe I wouldn't have fleas.

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