Skeleton of a Closet

I am in desperate need of some closet inspiration. In a fit of...anger? exasperation? boredom...there it is...I tore out my old closet. The old closet was built in the 1920's, and is not up today's mass consumerism standards.

Here's a photo of my old closet. After I demo'd the plaster, but before I took out all the lathe.There used to be a regular door that opened out, into the room, for the closet door. But then, with the bedroom door there were too many doors in one tiny room, so I removed it and hung a curtain.

 I had some espresso and frosted sugar cookies right before demo.
This is a better photo of the whole wall with the bedroom door and the opening to the closet. 
See?! Look at all that space that was basically unusable! How was I to organize anything?! You can see the little plastic drawer unit that sits inside the closet.
Here's how it looks now. I have a large Indian tapestry hanging as a door/curtain, and it's a lot messier now.  And I removed the dangling electric wires. I mean, I love the industrial look, but I do not like fires.
So, that's where I am. Trying to figure out how to finish the closet I started. Header or no header? And what kind of doors? It's a puzzler...

I could stick with the curtain look. But use a less busy curtain. The tapestry I have now is not very relaxing.

But then! Barn doors! How I love them. It might work, if I have two small ones. But my closet would never be fully open. There would always be a door covering part of it. 

I love the idea of two doors that open out. These look about the right period for my house. And they are simple and clean.

I'm gonna have to figure out how hard built-in's would be. I'm married to a virgo, they are very,...exacting...
Because this closet looks spectacular!

This closet is probably more like what I need to do. These doors look very much like the Ikea closet systems you can design and buy. Then I can just pop it in and frame out the space and I'm done!

Except that these mirrored french doors and gorgeous!

Back to what I want for my bedroom. Clean, neat, bright, organized. I still don't think the curtain is the way to go, but I found this room striking:

This Old House has another incredible built-in, and it makes me want to cry a little:

Or! I could just shove my bed into the closet and get some dressers and wardrobes.

Another built-in with french doors. I'm gonna have to keep my eyes open for salvaged french doors.
It's totally the way to go...right?

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