Obsession: Kilims or Kilim me Softly

I have a ratty old, like four years (which is fifty in kid destructo years), leather sofa. And between the basset hound digging himself a bed on it every night and the children using the cushions as shields, she has seen better days. I'd post a pic, but it's that embarrassing...

I want to reupholster the cushions, but whatever I use needs to be made of asbestos and titanium or else I can kiss it goodbye. And then I saw this in an Anthropologie:
It wasn't this one exactly, but a different kilim with the same sleek sofa shape. Love at first sight! And my husband loved it, too. Which hardly ever happens!

So I went into full kilim mode! I found this rug on etsy. The colors are so fresh and new, but it's listed as vintage. From sofART:
Neon orange and mustard with mint?! It's perfection!!

And here's another etsy find that encourages me in my cushion re-upholstery! Because our sofa only has removable bottom cushions...but this chair looks amazing!

From Spheres:
And then there's this one
If I wasn't so scared of my destructo boys, this might be doable. But, alas, these sofas are on the list of things I can buy in 2025. When my youngest starts college...


Paula said...

"Kilim me softly"! Ha! Thanks for the earworm. I love the look. I draped a woven rug over the back of one of our chairs and it really looks good. Can you fake it by tucking a rug over your cushions?

MuseBootsi said...

Paula! My original idea was to do just that! Find a kilim and wrap the cushions...I have to figure out how cleanable they are...or else I'll be buying them once a month!

Kelli Wicking said...

Absolutley perfect post! (Wish I'd thought of it!)

Loved the chair especially - keep it up!