All My Teals

We randomly ended up at a hardware store today. Not in the plans at all. We drove to Glendora to get a smog check and needed a place to hang out  while we waited. I picked up a bunch of teals. My camera photographs them bluer than they are. At least I think it's my camera. It's overcast today. Another reason to build myself a lightbox. (That paragraph is a perfect example of  how my brain works).

I used the chartreuse sample as "carpeting" because I really, really want chartreuse Fedora Flor tiles in my bedroom. And right now, in the imagination stage, I'm feeling exceptionally brave.

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Gina @ MoneywiseMoms said...

I felt so so impressed with myself about a year ago when I decided to liven up my living room (with giant gray sectional sofa) with teal and chartreuse. And then the new colors came out, and they were "in." Amazing. I know the Flor rug you're talking about, and I love it too.