It's curtains for you. Curtains.

Last night I had one of those moments of inspiration and  ran to the basement to get materials to create a little valance for my kitchen. I just used scrapbooking paper and some crazy double stick rug tape I had lying around.

Previously, I had some super cool roman blinds I had made out of rice paper. Grommets and everything! But they weren't entirely functional. And eventually the sun kind of bleached them to nothing.

I took a dowel rod and affixed two wooden caps to the ends and painted them yellow. Then used cup hooks to attach the dowel to the window.

For the shade, I covered the rod with double stick tape and just wrapped the top of the paper around it. Then I trimmed the bottom with scallop shears. It's not perfect, you really have to be precise, but from a distance it looks pretty cute!