But maybe I'm crazy...

These jeans drive me crazy.

I think they were made on the cusp between the Abercrombie Strategically Ripped (TM) and the new Dark and Skinny. They aren't old, they just have odd holes in them that I believe were there when purchased.

The other lameness about them is that the pockets aren't deep enough.

You can't slip your change in there and they also sort of drift out. So I end up looking like a political cartoon circa 1929. I had to fix them. I worked it out in my head, I wanted it to look sort or wabi-sabi, so I just picked my fabric and started pinning. I thought I was making the pockets deeper, I added some muslin on the inside and stitched it to the background fabric. But as my husband says, "They can't all be winners." Didn't quite work.

I ironed and starched the pockets and tried them on. Same problem. They fell out. Which I discovered was part design, part my big fat ass. (Two babies! Leave me alone). So I just went back to my sewing machine and stitched them closed. Problem solved! (And I didn't even need the Problem Solvers!) Here they are:


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pandapanda said...

fancy...makes me think about when you wanted to make plastic jeans