Barometer's gettin' low.

It's raining here in Southern California. It rained almost all day yesterday which puts a damper on my creative plans. My "mama room" is in my basement, which is outside and downstairs. Slippery stairs. Usually I let the boys hang out and watch a movie on daddy's computer while I sew. But I don't want them walking up and down the cement stairs and it's cold. I don't like the cold.

I have a lot of ideas percolating, but then I have to go downstairs in the cold and slightly darker basement and lay out my goodies and realize it won't work and walk back upstairs and have a cookie.

You can see my white back door at the top and the top corner of my basement. the space in the middle is open. Only in Southern California. Even though when this house was built, it probably snowed here.

Also in prepping for the rain we called our cousin the fire captain. We needed some sand bags since our house is south facing on a downhill. So she set some aside for us. (Sometimes we get the neighbor's front yard washing through our backyard). We went to the fire station to pick up the sand bags and took the boys because, FIRE STATION! And not only was it an awesome fire station, but one of the fire fighters brought his son to work to celebrate his second birthday. So the boys got to sing happy birthday and get cake and ice cream!  As soon as the cake and ice cream was done, a call came in and the fire truck pulled out sirens and all. Best. Day. Ever.

I can't wait to paint this house. Color suggestions?

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