I'll sleep when they're 18.

I got really brave and took a non-retouched, non-blurred, non-made-up, non-black and white photo of myself.

I was talking to a friend about how I think I look tired. I'm pretty sure it's because I am actually tired, and not that I'm just old. I'm only 33. I should be able to just take a long nap and be okay. And there's the problem. Who has time to take naps?

But I still decided to do a little something about it. I really, really want a day at a spa. With a massage and a facial. (Universe..did you get that?) And since instant gratification takes too long, I helped me help myself. I made myself a fancy scrub with olive oil and baking soda. And scrubbed away. My skin is terribly soft. We'll see if I break out.

I just sort of made it up, mixing a little baking soda and a little olive oil until I got a paste. But this site has a recipe.

I think it smells a little too much like the bread course at Macaroni Grill, and so does Bee who sat next to the new, clean mama and said, "Whachu eatin'?"

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