Brilliant or Insane?

Brilliant because it's gorgeous. Insane because there are TWO! It took me 6-8 hours for the first one. (Stretched out over 2 days, of course). So this next one will be done Thursday.

 How'd I do it? An iron-on transfer pen! I used a pattern from Peasant Designs, a Dover Publications book. (I'm pretty sure most of them are royalty free). I increased it 150% and then traced the design onto tracing paper, then flipped it and traced the reverse on a second piece of tracing paper. Then ironed them onto my $25 boots from Payless. I also busted out my colored pencils and traced a color guide onto a third piece of tracing paper. Above is my floss mess after 2 days of working piece by piece.

[edited to add boot #2 in process].

P.S. Totally inspired by petunia.


Deborah Graff said...

All brilliant!!

Autumnal1 said...

Good Lord! I've never wanted to take a bite out of a boot before! Now everyone wants some and you won't ever want to do it again...This is a beautiful bummer!

pandapanda said...


Deborah Graff said...

Seriously. I'd commission you to make me some, but I think they'd cost more than real Uggs.