Kids Quilt

I'm almost done with the rag quilt for Hartwell's School's Silent Auction. I think it is sold rather than auctioned, but I'm not exactly sure.

I went to school yesterday with some muslin blocks and fabric markers for the kids to color. Miss Shelley had them draw a garden or bugs. It was really cute. Some kids said they couldn't draw, and Miss Shelley said, "You can draw a circle!" And I loved watching them draw bugs. The legs! The eyes! One little guy was absent, so I left the supplies so he wouldn't be left out. 

Hartwell just kind of scribbled and said, "I'm done." Which I think was due to his mom sitting right there. Little Bee had a super fun preschool day which made me want to sell my body so he could attend next year. (He has a late birthday and will still get 2 years of preschool, just not next year).

I just have to sew on one missing garden piece and then snip the edges and wash. Then it should look something like this. Please let it look like that.

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Deborah Graff said...

It's so, so cute! What a great preschool mom you are.