Under the Chair-y Moon

When my mom was visiting, she told me she wanted to get me a birthday present early. She gave me a few choices, (new countertop? new sink vanity?) and I chose to have my beloved pink chair reupholstered. The chair was my Great Aunt Sarah's and when she passed away we went to clean out her house. She didn't have any children. And she always made us reuse our paper napkins. She would fit right in today!

I was a junior in high school, I think, and I saw that chair and was in love. She also had a matching aqua sofa/chaise with one arm, the other side ending with a circle. I loved the sofa, too. But my dad didn't want to have to rent a Uhaul to get it all from Minnesota to Arizona. (Damn you, dad!) Since we drove up in a Suburban, the chair fit just fine.

I took the chair with me to college and onto my apprenticeship and then to LA. And it has sat in my basement covered in John's pants for the last 5 years. It was pink and didn't really match the living room. And it needed to be repaired. The springs were askew and the padding was nearly gone.

But now she is all fixed! And orange! The fabric is similar to the original, kind of thick and nubby, but no metallic threads. Sorely missed.

Here's a picture of the original fabric. I had them save it so I could make a pillow or a bag or something.
This picture shows the worst of the decay. You can kind of still see the pink with red and silver threads.

I'm so happy that it's fixed and ready to be sat on! Although, I may have to sell tickets and have everyone thoroughly vetted. I told the boys only mamas and grandmas are allowed on the chair. It seemed to work. Hartwell told me to sit on the chair and then asked to sit on my lap. Sneaky, sneaky, sir.


Cameron Blazer said...

The PINK CHAIR! She looks beautiful in orange. What a great present!

Deborah Graff said...

It turned out perfectly, and the pillow just makes it. I can't wait to try it out! I'll dip in purell and wrap up in a clean sheet first.

Mom2three said...

I love the new chair! What a great way to keep a family heirloom. That was a fabulous gift!

Treasia Stepp said...

She looks gorgeous now. I bet she looked awesome in the pink as well.

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