Palette Season

I've been redecorating my house in my head lately. Which is bad. Because if it's not on paper I always forget something. Like a wall or a door or I get the measurements wrong. Or I mentally paint the walls orange and then mentally pick out an orange stove and an apple green countertop. This could all turn out just fine. Or it could look like the circus is in town.

Enter I can create custom palettes and save them. It's so amazing. I am addicted.

Here's a palette I created based on a flower a friend gave me today:

 You can also view other palettes and vote on them. And sometimes you end up creating a new unnamed color and you get to name it! Magical! Here's Steamed Artichoke named by me:
Here's a palette I designed for my kitchen:
Seriously. I need to be stopped.

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Deborah Graff said...

Love this. I want you to create palettes for me now.