Things I Love Thursday!

Whenever the creativity monster pops out of my head and into my hands, I want to immediately rush down to my basement and start cutting or designing or Mod Podging. But, alas, I have two boys, 2 1/2 and 4. And leaving them alone is not an option. So I have to drag them with me and find something to entertain them. Otherwise I get two hours of, "Mom? Can I help you with your sewing?"

The thing I love is YouTube!

First, let me say, I know it's a little neglectful but the kid will sit and watch train videos for hours. And, like actual trains, TGV's, Bullet Trains, Steam Engines and MagLevs. With an occasional Spanish Mickey Mouse video thrown in for good measure.

I love that he gets to watch the real trains actually working, instead of just Thomas, or worse, a DVD of trains that plays for two hours in my living room complete with wacky sound effects. These are five or ten minutes and he is so happy!
 Another great thing about YouTube is that I get to share videos of the boys with the grandparents. Which makes me shoot more videos. Which now won't just sit there in my camera. Plus, I can go to my own channel and let the boys watch themselves. They love it!

Did you think I wasn't going to link to my kids' videos?

Hartwell Discusses Trains*

Bee Tells Knock Knock Joke While John Breaks the Law**

The only thing that could make You Tube better is some kind of situation that will let kids play "kid friendly" videos only. Sometimes a Thomas video with alternate narration slips in. And while I understand the hilarity, it's not the best for my little guys.

 So, yeah, I'm kind of a lazy mom, but they're happy and I'm happy. And if everyone's happy maybe I'll cook dinner tonight. Maybe.

*I'm a steam engine because I'm slow.
 **He's saying, "Old lady" and "Olive."


Megan said...

I also love youtube! I love the ease of it to share videos of my baby girl with the rest of the family scattered throughout the country. I'm sure I will use it for similar things as she gets older. Thanks so much for the blog comment!

thediaperdiaries said...

we love You Tube too. I totally love finding fun little videos for the kids. Although you have to be careful. There is weird stuff masquerading as "kids" stuff. But mostly it rocks!!