Hit 'em Up Tile

Someday soon I will slightly redo my kitchen. It needs a new sink and countertop and backsplash and faucet and stove. I mean, our fridge is in the hall*, but our tiled countertop is much, much worse. It just won't stay clean! I'm pretty sure I want the IKEA butcherblock countertops and just simple white tiles for the backsplash, but I also wanted to mix in something excellent.

I found these tiles at Anthropologie on sale for $2! They are actually coasters, but remove those foam squares and I get awesome decorative tiles for cheap. And I don't even have to order them and wait.

I carried the tiles around the store for awhile, I hate to just spend money with no actual project, but Deborah said, "Worst case, you just use them as coasters."

I bought eight tiles, four in each color and I kind of want to go to another store to see if they have any more.

(Amanda? Would you mind checking the Denver area stores? Thanks). 

When I was trying to photograph the tiles, the boys kept trying to touch them asking, "Mom, can I touch them." I said no.
I had no idea I had hand models in my family.

*Yes, our fridge sits in a hall utility closet. Seems when it was built, no one had refrigerators.


Jennifer Juniper said...

White tiles with a punch of color and texture from those tiles would surely be excellent!

Kathie said...

Very pretty tiles. Great choices. The color adds that extra PUNCH just as the previous comment. ;)

Bird said...

Soo sweet, your boys! Boys WILL touch anything, especially if you say NO!! :)

I too carry stuff around the shops, totally undecided, trying to get the lowest price possible and ideas off my head...So I totally relate!

Great choice, though!