Perils of Painting

We've been having weird sporadic rain showers in Pasadena lately. Which really cuts in on painting time. Yesterday, we thought it was supposed to rain around noon,  but there were no clouds in the sky. So we painted the rest of the trim and John went to work scraping the eastern facing windows. It didn't rain all day. We got a lot done. All that was left were the back stairs and a wall that needed some cement repair.

This morning I took the boys to an outdoor mall that has a playground and a trolley! So fun! We left dad at home to finish the rest of the work kid free. We even bought daddy a present! 

We got home and John had cut in the back stairs and painted almost everything else. We went next door to get some sand to mix with the paint for the back stairs, they are terribly slippery, and then I went to work in the garden and John went back to painting. 

Suddenly, it started raining! A small rain shower, but it made a huge mess! The back stairs were still wet and started dripping over the white wall. And when the rain hit the steps, it splashed paint up onto the wall. John rushed and managed to get a tarp over it but it was pretty bad.

So now the back steps are wet, and with the extra moisture in the air, going to stay wet for awhile. Usually if you get a couple hours of drying time in normal humidity it's fine. But I had to go to the basement to put some fabric away about 2 hours later and nearly slid down the wet stairs! 

While in the basement, I heard John upstairs say, "Oh nooooo." I slipped up the back stairs barefoot, rinsed my painted feet with the hose and went to see what the ruckus was. Turned out Hartwell trekked down the back stairs, and back up and down the hall. Our fault. No yelling. But, really?

There would be more footprints, because usually I'm shoot photos first and ask questions later, but John had a long day, and I wanted to clean it up as soon as I could. But you can imagine. It looked like a Family Circus cartoon.

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