Things to do in Altadena when it rains.

My mom came to visit and took me to the fabric store to pick out a couple of fabrics to complete my quilt. They had a row of Timber by Jessica Levitt which I instantly fell in love with.
So I got the aqua trees. Maybe it doesn't exactly match. So it may be the back. But it's so pretty it doesn't matter.

In other news, I was asked to sew something for Hartwell's class art project for his school's silent auction. I'm not sure if they expect someone to actually buy it. Or if it's a presentation of how amazing our children are. His teacher thought a small quilt with squares designed by the kids would be cute. Crayola has some fabric markers and I found this quick and easy quilt tutorial to use.

I can't wait to see what the kids do! I love kids art. I'm having trouble throwing it away. I want to wait at least until I have his entire preschool collection. Then I can photograph it and frame the good stuff.


Mom2three said...

I love the colors for your quilt! Beautiful rich colors. I just finished my first rag quilt for a friend's baby shower and am now working on one for our daughter. I hope you post pictures of the Kid Art quilt. Very cute idea.

Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday. I do love using my P-touch label maker, but haven't used it to label my kids yet. Youngest would think I was nutty!

Shell said...

Is that an elephant? So cute!

I throw out my kids art work after it's hung on the fridge for a while. Terrible, I know. I take pics and will make them into a book, though.

Deborah Graff said...

I throw away most of my kids' artwork (and photograph not all of them--but a lot--to keep digitally). I also have a plastic storage box for each girl, and I save one or two items a month to put in the box to keep forever.