Things that bug me lately.

1. Why is it that when I get into the tub the water is either too hot or too cold? So I have to spend the first part of what I thought was relaxation time either swirling the warm water into the cold or scalding myself for a minute or two until my body temperature adjusts. All I wanted was a bath.

And while I was there I also thought of these:

2. Mod Podge. Why? Why do you hate me? The tips for use include using a spray adhesive to adhere the paper and then applying a clear acrylic sealer before the ModPodge to reduce bubbles. Um...what exactly is the ModPodge for? What is its role in the whole song and dance of decoupaging?

Shut it down.

3. Blogging. I read a tip for being a good blogger. It was something like "Live an extraordinary life. Write down every word."  An extraordinary life? That seems expensive. Filled with extreme purchases and crazy outings. "Today I knitted a chimney on my way to a mountain lion farm! Here's a pic of my new camera!"

How's that?

4. Creativity. It seems that if you have it you must prove it. Constantly. And it isn't a constant for me. It totally ebbs and flows. With the moon. Like other things. Which I am experiencing right now. Which explains my surly disposition.


Cameron Blazer said...

Oh, lady. I so hear you. Well, except on the bath temp thing. I think my body is made of asbestos, so I always amp it to the hottest setting and am pleasantly boiled.

Knitted a chimney? I love that. Reminds me of those jackass knitters who think they're so clever by knitting around light poles and such. If that's an extraordinary life, then I'll take my humdrum existence.

You're right. It ebbs and flows. And if that were all there were to it, there'd be no problem. But when creativity ebbs, it feels like you've lost your best friend, your you-ness. But it's really just gone for a little break, and when you least expect it, it'll be back with a vengeance. Like a mountain lion.

Deborah Graff said...

And yet...I love this post. You are a much better writer than you give yourself credit for, and even when you're not posting a photo of a new chimney cozy (now with added pom-poms!), I look forward to whatever you post.

Laura Wallis said...

Love this. I try to blog every day M-F. There are days I have nothing to say, and for me that is amazing. In fact, I have found I talk less to friends now that I blog. I have used up all my funny by the time I hit send and have nothing left to say. BTW, I am going to go and attempt to knit a chimney now. That sounds like something I could put on my resume.

phoodie said...

Your creativity comes out of your pores while you're sleeping, Boots. I wouldn't stress on the proving part.