Tackle it Tuesday - Painting a House

This weekend we tackled our house! With chipped paint everywhere and some occasional flaking in the shady areas, out tiny house needed a refresher!


Look at that shine in the freshly painted porch! It's hard to see all the chipping on the floor in the before but it looks a little cleaner, non?

In a perfect world, I would change the colors. But we're just trying to touch it up so we can buy it. (I know! Backwards!)

We also fixed and primer-ed the south facing windows. I'm supposed to paint the trim in my spare time. Ah-HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!
That little window on the bottom is actually a door! A tiny door! And inside there's a set of stairs leading down. The door is paneled over, but that makes it even crazier! Just stairs in a room. Stairs to nowhere. Old houses are great.


Deborah Graff said...

The new paint is a noticeable improvement! And, I love the little mysterious door. I want to open it and be in a suddenly giant room filled with candy trees and a chocolate river.

pandapanda said...

looks good!