Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Things I Love Thursday - Macarons!

While stumbling around the internet lately, visiting my favorite places and finding new ones, I kept coming across photos of macarons. Pink ones, brown ones and even blue ones. So I had to try one. Because it's food and I like to eat food. But as soon as my brain registered the need to eat one, it shut down at the thought of finding one.

So there I am, a week later, shopping at a Trader Joe's and lusting after their frozen treats, when what do I spot?

Parisian Macarons! Into the cart they went.
I finally got my taste! Delicious! But I had a bit of a cold. A slight vanilla flavor with a crispy/chewy meringue-like cookie. Good but not amazing. A week later I bought a new box and popped one in my mouth expecting the same mild vanilla flavor, but no! Taste sensation! It was like a delicate vanilla orchid burst open on my tongue! Apparently, when you aren't sick your taste buds work!

The only thing that stopped me from eating the whole box was, "Mom, wha' you ea'in'?"

Is it bad to want to eat cookies in the closet?

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Deborah Graff said...

I was so happy that you left that extra box of macarons in my freezer. The chocolate are good, but the vanilla are divine! I'm mean--I didn't share with anyone.

MuseBootsi said...

John got some at Euro Pane that were like hazelnut and chocolate and raspberry and vanilla. I think I'm going there tomorrow.

Jason said...

You should try making your own. They're delicious! (Which, I guess you already know, huh?)

MuseBootsi said...

It might be easier you guys make them and I come over.

alwayswithme said...

We don't have Trader Joe's here but man on man am I going to google the item and see if anyone around here carries them. I could almost taste it as you were describing the cookie. Mmmmm. Good thing I don't have any right now because I'm off to weigh in at my TOPS meeting right now and this already hasn't been a good week - hoping for a stay the same weight if I'm lucky.

I did not like Jason's comment of making your own because guess what else I'll google? A recipe. :)

Christine Satterfield said...

Not bad at all! I could eat a whole box of anything sweet at almost any moment in time!!

Jennifer said...

I was all ready to post about how I don't like coconut, and then I googled macaron. Well, don't I feel dumb! The bad thing is that I live about 2 miles away from a Trader Joe's and now I must try them. I must. Darn you.

Ed, Sarah, Charley, and Henry said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
For the Love of Naps - Sarah said...

oh! The closet! Never thought of that...I usually stick my head in the cupboard or the fridge!

I need to get to a Trader Joe's...there is one about a half hour away! And rumor has it one is coming soon! Can't wait!

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Sorry that was me that deleted my comment...I was signed in wrong!

February 18, 2010 2:53 PM

bigbinder said...

I just heard that macaroon are the new cupcakes, how very trendy of you :)

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