While I Was Blogging.

Yesterday, I was typing away and listening for screams or silence. Typical day. I hear the boys get into their piggy banks and just kind of yell, "Stop it! Put your money back!" A few minutes later I hear some kind of tearing. I go in to check on them and an entire box of packing peanuts has been dumped all over their room! And most of the box was dumped behind the bed. Here's how my brain responds:

I'm goING TO KILL...where's my camera?
So I had to bring in the shop vac. The giant R-2 Unit lookin' shop vac. Which I had to go out into the rain to get.

I started scooping up the mess into the box and discovered that underneath the peanuts were dimes and quarters. They had also dumped their piggy banks behind the bed. Which meant I had to push the packing peanuts around and find the change before I could vacuum.
I finally get all the change into the banks and all the styrofoam vacuumed up and start to put all the bedding back. (Did I mention I had to vacuum their beds?) I was looking for the all the paper money that was missing from the banks and asked Hartwell where he put it. Why, in the wipes, of course! They had emptied the baby wipes and filled it with cash and some change. (They seem to understand the value of a dollar these days).

I was pretty happy with myself for not totally exploding and screaming. Filled with my sense of self satisfaction, I walked by the living room and saw that they had somehow managed to get the box of packing peanuts into the living room and were throwing them all over.

I'm having another whoopie pie. I deserve it.


Mariposa said...

Oh boy! But congrats for such an amazing job. Had it been me, I think I'll cry and call Mom to help me fix it. LOL

Mariposa's WW

Cameron Blazer said...

Are you going for sainthood?! You definitely deserve another whoopie pie (even though I don't get the whoopie pie thing at all).

MBB Founder and Editor Denene Millner said...

Oh, my. Seriously? You are an angel and they are VERY lucky little children. (What the... where's my camera? spoken like a TRUE blogger! LOL!)

Laura Wallis said...

You are so much nicer than I am. I make my kids clean up their own disasters. Trust me when I tell you it would be quicker if I did it, but where is the fun in that? If mommy didn't put on a floor show with her temper the kids would feel deprived...

MuseBootsi said...

I really tried to make them help me. But they just started shredding the pieces. And I knew it was a HUGE job. They got time outs after I saw the living room. I can only be pushed so far. And I used the vacuum running as punishment since they hate it so.